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300tube MattyBRaps   9 February, 2017

Repeat youtube mp4: MattyBRaps - So Alive (Short Film - Musical)

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This video is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt less than someone else due to money or material things.  What you have does not define who you are.  You are unique and special just the way you are.  Thank you for all the support from my BFamily.  These videos would not be possible without you.  Love ya! -MB

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So Alive

I don’t need designer clothes
take away the dollar signs
what are we left with at the end of everything
we’ve been living half asleep
time top open up our eyes 
what if we did, just imagine we could feel so alive

yeah, sitting on your phone, playing music 
scrolling through the people that you’re cool with
sometimes it feels it ain’t fair
how come all the cool stuff happens every time that you’re not there
they live in the better house, and they wear the cooler clothes
they get everything they want and people like all of their posts
get to go wherever whenever they want with all their friends
cause they got the coolest parents
and yours just don’t understand

if they got it, you gotta have it to be like your friends
how you ever ‘sposed ta be one of the popular kids
it feels unfair, wish you could do all the things that they do
but what’s inside of you is beautiful, that’s the truth


forget the norm, you ain’t gotta conform
we all given everything that we really need when we born
cause you were made with perfection
even your flaws
you are complete, just be who you are
don’t let nobody else bring you down, cause you’re an angel
believe if you can’t see it now, we go through changes
like a butterfly, grow your wings and transform
you are unique, a rose among thrones

if they do it, you gotta do it to be like your friends
how you ever ‘sposed to be one of the popular kids
it feels unfair, wish you got all of those things that they post
it’s what inside of you that matters the most