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300tube zquad clips   20 April, 2017

Repeat youtube mp4: "I'm more than just a model." - GIGI HADID

Made this video because everyone seems to focus on the bad things Gigi has done, when she has done a lot more good. These things in this video never got appreciation. Everyone forgets that she's not perfect, she does mistakes sometimes but I find her very supportive, talented, creative and beautiful inside and outside. You say her walk is terrible when you never compare her first runaway to her recent one. If you do, you'll see how much she has improved. You say she's only famous because of her boyfriend, when she worked very hard to get to where she is right now. You say that her relationship is fake and she doesn't deserve your idol, when she makes him happier and healthier than before. Gigi deserves all the love in the world x

Song: Fight Song by Rachel Plattern

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