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300tube Totally TV   29 December, 2015

Repeat youtube mp4: Merida vs Katniss Bow & Arrow Challenge Brave vs The Hunger Games. DisneyToysFan.

Bow & Arrow Challenge Katniss vs Merida from Hunger Games & Brave, Do not Try this Yourself 

Are you ready for another nail biting competition? Well for this game, Real life Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Mockingjay Movies invites Brave's very own Merida to compete in a fun Archery competition, since they both seem to be Bow and Arrow experts in their movies. You may think that these real life heroines have the know how and skills to shoot arrows and hit all of the Rotten villains, but they may just accidental hit a Disney princess doll or even worse, hurt the Real Life Heroine. Will Katniss use her courage and confidence to overtake Merida in the bow and arrow competition. Or will Brave's Merida have the archery skills and know how to outdo Katniss at scoring some major points. Watch as Katniss and Merida compete in a head to head sports challenge and find out who will lose and be forced to do something crazy. We are professionals, do not try this at home. You can poke an eye out.

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