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300tube The Clinic - Dr Mayoni   1 March, 2017

download youtube mp4 : Plexr Treatment The Clinic - Dr Mayoni

We are SUPER excited to be introducing a new treatment to you lovely lot! Here our receptionist Liane is being a model for #plexr. A non-surgical method of treating hooded eyelids, under-eye bags and lines (#nonsurgicalblepharoplasty). It uses plasma energy (a bit Back to The Future I know).
Whilst you will be puffy eyed and have some scabbing for a short time after, this is the safe alternative to surgery with minimum downtime. There are lots of other uses including treating smoker's lines, mole and tattoo removal and face lifts. Always performed and followed up by me! Please pop in and ask more about it. Liane will keep us posted with more after pictures!! A massive thank you to Kellie from Fusiongt Soft Surgery Uk and Liane Durka 😘