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300tube Surgery Non Ablative   14 April, 2014

download youtube mp4 : Face Spots With Plexr Tsioumas G. Sotirios MD

Face Spots with Plexr Tsioumas G. Sotirios MD

Surgeon Ophthalmologist Sotiris Tsioumas is a graduate of Medical School of the University in Modena N. Italy. He completed his specialty in the Oncological Hospital of 'St. Savas' where he obtained premium experience in a great number of operations such as remedy of eyelid conditions, lachrymal apparatus and socket, eyelid lifting, operation of cataract with the method of Malyugin ring etc. He was also specialized with Master of Aesthetics Medicine in the State's University of Tor Vergata Rome where he met Professor Giorgio Flippi inventor of devices Plexr, O.F.F., Vibrance with European Diplomas of patent. MrTsioumas became the right hand of Professor Flippi where he was specialized in non ablative surgery with Plexr eyelid lifting, lifting without incision, needle shaping, filling of deep lines without yalouronic acid or any other medicine, astriction of repairmen of face and body, O.F.F. non ablative lipolysis. His objects of specialty are Botox, removal of glandules and eyelid lifting bloodlessly, painlessly and without stitches with Plexr, fillers for the filling of wrinkles, mesotherapy, peelings, strings, treatment of anti-aesthetic image of body, face of puffy bags etc.
Titles of Degree Paper and specialty accordingly are: 'The prevention of infectious diseases after-surgical in cataract' and 'Which are the anti-aesthetic spots of the upper fertile of the face and how we fight them'. He has taken over Fellowship in Advanced Photorefractive Surgery for operations with laser about the rehabilitation of refractive abnormalities.
He is a member of the Medical Association of Athens, Hellenic Ophthalmological Company, Hellenic and Italian Ophthalmological Company, Italian Company of Aesthetics Medicine A.I.M.E. and member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. The doctor is one of the fewest members of the Company of Aesthetics Medicine non ablative Surgery Simecna, where he exercises and contributes to the establishment of the spread of his specialty in and abroad. Finally, he has become the founder and the president of the company of aesthetic medicine and non ablative surgery in Greece.