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300tube Saviours Helper   18 May, 2017

download youtube mp4 : 1.1 Trillion Dollars Dropped by Black People - Minister Farrakhan "Speaks"

Minister Farrakhan teaches students of the value of the black dollar and the importance of our unity.  He is ever so inspiring to learn from. Its a must that all of our youth watch this video. Minister Farrakhan's enemies aren't even qualified to judge an ant, as they throw stones, hide their hands, even their faces (ex: fake social media profiles etc.). They attempt to attack the Minister with words which are void of actual facts, and behave as children by calling him names (Ex: anti-Semite, racist, bigot etc.) How foolish! These enemies often ban together to discourage supporters from making contributions, but they fail every time. (A Must Watch & Share) Get more DVD's and Books by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad today by calling toll free 866-602-1230.

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