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300tube ttompatz   26 August, 2008

download youtube mp4 : people song - English with Korean Subtitles.

Jobs - English with Korean subs

If anyone can help me - I need your help. 

There are some books on Amazon. 

The cost is about US$20 per copy. 
Here in Thailand it is too expensive for families to buy. 
Each book costs them about 2-3 days wages for a family to purchase. 
If you can help by ordering 1 copy and having it shipped here I would be very thankful.
DO NOT SEND CASH. I cannot use cash. I need the books. Thank you.

The link is here:

If you have questions or comments or can help please write in English in the comment section below or go to the link. 

I will answer everyone who comments in English.

Again, thank you.

Please watch: "Teach LEGALLY in Thailand 2017"