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300tube Tyler Oakley   18 September, 2017

download youtube mp4 : 10 YEAR SURPRISE REACTION | Tyler Oakley

Check out my latest holiday video with Eva Gutowski & Kyle Krieger:


I did not imagine ten years ago today when I created this channel, that my life would be turned upside down because of it. In the last decade I’ve made lasting friendships, had bucket-list adventures, and found a community that I am forever grateful for. Thank you for joining me for this incredible ten year ride and I cannot wait to see what the future brings us. I couldn’t have done it without you :) 

Thank you to everyone who surprised me:

Alfie Deyes
Ashley Weston
Caspar Lee
Connor Franta
Gigi Gorgeous
Grace Helbig
Hank Green
Hannah Hart
Ingrid Nilsen
Jim Chapman
Joe Sugg
Joey Graceffa
John Green
Korey Kuhl
Kyle Krieger
Lilly Singh
Lisa Filipelli 
Liza Koshy
Mamrie Hart
Mia Rose Wong
Paolo + Patrick
Queen Jackie
Raymond Braun
Todd Oakley 

Special Thanks to Lisa and Francis for putting this together!

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