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300tube Tracylovesmakeup   11 May, 2017


It was while I was researching the non surgical blepharoplasty or Plexr as it is most commonly known, that I realised there is not a lot of information out there regarding the procedure, healing downtime and after effect. Due to this I decided that I would vlog about my own experience while having this treatment done. Yes, it was quite uncomfortable during the procedure and yes it was painful for a few days after, but looking at the results in the last segment of my vlog, I am astounded by the result I have achieved through receiving this treatment. Although I am not looking forward to the second session, I am looking forward to the result. I am going to ask Melanie to concentrate on my eyelid area and my tear troughs in that second session. My partner has said I am either very brave or very stupid to do this video blog. Which do you think? But I hope if you are considering having a non surgical blepharoplasty in the future, that this will give you some idea as to what to expect. I will, post a separate vlog in about 4 weeks to see the improvement over the course of those 4 weeks.

I did find one very good vlog while researching. This was done by Karen at Mrs Gingers Beauty Channel. I have been subscribed to her for a while now and she is one of my favourite beauty bloggers on YouTube. 
You will find that vlog here I hope I have not committed any cardinal YouTube rules by posting this link.

I received my treatment at Beautique, Torbay, Devon This was performed by the lovely Melanie. 

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